Stand out with greater insight and smarter services

Make your smart home products and services stand out with Consort, our automation engine. Our contextual recipes make everything work together effortlessly.

Tailor your products and grow your services in a privacy-conscious way, giving your customers peace of mind and helping you comply with increased data privacy regulation, like GDPR.

Enhance your smart home services or create entirely new ones. Reach more customers by using our integrations to expand the range of devices compatible with your services.

Offer more to your customers

KooJoo provides an end-to-end smart home platform that allows your customers to easily connect, manage and control all their smart devices without a hub.

The KooJoo app is more than just a remote control. Our contextual automations, called recipes, remove the complexity of getting different smart devices to work together.

We also generate insights that bring you closer to your customers and provide data to guide your business strategy. What’s more, there are no lock-ins to vendor ecosystems, and your customers have full freedom and choice around their personal data.

About you

Service providers

Whether you specialise in home monitoring, ambient assisted living or smart streets, take advantage of our cross-brand device integrations to reach even more customers.

Smart home stores

Offer your customers a more unified experience across brands that guides them on their journey from starter kit to fully smart home. Draw on empirical evidence to guide your choice of future smart products and inform your business strategy.

Device manufacturers

Cut development and operational costs using our lightweight embedded software and cloud platform. Offer your customers the simplest setup experience with our One-tap Connect feature, and make your devices work with others without the development and operational overhead.